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What is EOS.HCC!

HCC applies the decentralized distributed structure to the medical and health industry to reduce the pain points of resource-intensive and data-transporting industries, and eventually achieve the goal of reducing the cost of the intermediary. Through the security trust mechanism, HCC can solve the current big health information technology. The certification defect, with the flexible programmability of the blockchain, helps healthcare organizations establish expanded applications. The “CC” personal health management platform APP is a DAPP application under the umbrella of Hcchain; it provides the most comprehensive personal medical records and health management for community members worldwide.


1Will be the first health application based on eos

2Integrate EOS information of the whole network to build a healthy community based on eos.hcc

3Help the community provide health service management.

Founding team

EOS.HCC team has tens of millions of users of product operation and development experience

Little He

Continuous entrepreneur, years of digital currency investment experience, system architect, 8 years of software development experience, responsible for the overall technical architecture design and monitoring of project development

Carrie Liu

Master of Business Administration, continuous investor of digital currency, management experience of listed company for many years, industry expert in medical information field, responsible for project strategic planning and team management.


He has experience in technology management of listed companies, more than 8 years of working experience in the Internet industry, masters various iOS frameworks, and is familiar with the development of Android and web projects.


The early participants and investors in the blockchain industry have a number of blockchain communities and also operate a number of self-media public accounts. They have been deeply involved in the promotion and operation of digital currency exchanges and blockchain projects.


Years of experience in the field of health industry, responsible for the company's financial and material planning and control, risk prevention and control.


Android Engineer, has a number of commercial grade APP independent development experience, proficient in Android application development and JAVA language. Familiar with all the mechanisms of Android development.


Full stack engineer, proficient in php frameworks such as tp, laravel, yii, etc., good at interface development and front-end separation, skilled use of mysql, redis, myaced, excellent database design and optimization capabilities.


iOS development engineer, proficient in iOS architecture operating system and mechanism, skilled UIKit, Core Animation, OpenGL ES and other graphic image applications; with mixed development and SDK packaging skills.

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Personal medical data assets

•The patient enters the data generated by the hospital's diagnosis and treatment data and various types of smart devices into the chain, and grants the authority to conduct data desensitization processing to protect the patient's privacy.

•On this basis, it authorizes the medical chain to commercialize its data assets, and connects with third-party organizations that require it to meet the needs of users as much as possible on the basis of gains.

EOS.HCC hardware support


Contact us

Telegram: https://t.me/eos_hcc_node


EOS Test Network Development Team

telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/eos_hcc_qa

EOS Contract Research and Development Group

telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/eos_hcc_developer

Telegrams and Nodes Tested by Community Members

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Email address:help@pu-li.tech

Company address:67 Ayer Rajah Crescent,#02-10/17,Singapore

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